What is your point?

I’ve been asked this question a number of times, and so far, I haven’t come up with any solid answers. But let me give it a try.

First, I can relate. To you. To pretty much every man ever born of a woman. I’ve been fat. I’ve been out of shape. I’ve felt sick. I AM sick. I’ve gotten help. I’ve resisted help. I avoid things. You know, just like everyone else in the world, ever.

But I’ve managed, with the help of my friend, the Creator of the ends of the earth, to put things together and not make too much of a mess of my life. Maybe the things I write on here will help you avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made. Probably not–we’re all pretty stubborn and have to try it “our way,” but at least we can try.

For example, two years ago I was pretty fat, and was allowing my battle with multiple sclerosis to get the best of me. So Lisa and I came up with a plan, and over the course of the next ten months or so, I lost about ninety pounds and got back to cycling shape. Along the way, I acquired certain tools that have helped me deal with the changes that accompany a new attitude toward life. On this website, I will review and suggest certain products that have helped me accomplish my goals. I hope it helps you.

Feel free to jump on and comment. Throw your two cents in. Just be nice. Be respectful. Be open to the possibility that you don’t know all the things, and that some people are different than you, and it is okay. I know you can do it. Now let’s get to work.

Published by jasonk5322

I'm a teacher, historian, pastor, cyclist, and guitarist. I've been waging a sometimes-noble battle against MS. I love Jesus, and am amazed that He loves me back.

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