It Always Costs Less to Go First Class

An old banker said that to me once. We were standing in the middle of a huge, beautiful compound situated on the shores of the Lake of the Ozarks, which was owned by the bank where we worked. He was responding to one person’s reaction to the cost of the bicycle I owned at the time, but it is true of just about everything. If you try to save money, you will often spend more on cheaper versions—be it a bicycle, a pair of shoes, or…a harness for your service dog.

When I first pressed Woody into service, I did a lot of online research into the best harness for balance and stability. No matter how many times I searched, or how many different ways I tried to phrase the search, the top choice was always the same: Bold Lead Design. Problem is, they are also the most expensive.

In my defense, I didn’t really want to spend top dollar, because I wasn’t 100% sure if Woody would succeed as a service dog. Of course, he did. But that is a different story. I tried all kinds of different harnesses, all less expensive, every one of them a bust. In every case but one, I made the purchase through Amazon, which meant that I was able to get my money back when the harness failed to live up to my expectations. The “one” I didn’t order from Amazon was not refundable, so I was out $100 (does anyone need a nice dog harness? I’ll make you a deal).

Finally I decided to bite the bullet, spend the money, and get the Bold Lead Design harness. Yes it was expensive. Also yes—it has been worth every penny. The lady that started it all began her work as a custom equestrian saddle maker. A friend told her about how difficult it is to find a quality dog harness for service dogs, so she made one. Today, that is all she does. Once a deposit is put down, the crew at BLD goes to work. I probably received at least three or four phone calls from my rep, asking for updated measurements on Woody, and on me. The directions were clear and precise, telling me exactly where to measure, and how. Just before they went into final production, they called again for one last measurement. Within a few days, FedEx showed up with the new harness. Woody was so excited!

Hanging out at a pub in Maryland.

We use it all the time, and even though I won’t tell you that he loves it (he likes to go to work in casual dress like a lot of us), it is the most comfortable harness ever. It is also very effective—it works. Because of the design, it keeps me from losing my balance without putting too much burden on Woody’s back. Its science.

Along the Hudson River in NYC—I took Woody’s harness off for a bit.
Woody was my date to the prom.

Last week we were at Sam’s—Lisa and me, along with Woody. There we met a nice lady who was dealing with the same affliction as me, and she had a beautiful service dog with her—a Belgian Malinois. What an amazing breed! They can climb trees! The same breed of dog was a member of Seal Team Six when they raided the compound and took out Bin Laden. True story. And according to the lady we met at Sam’s, they make wonderful service dogs. She had a pretty sturdy harness on him, but couldn’t stop looking at Woody’s. She wrote down the maker and vowed to call the next business day.

If you need a service dog harness—for balance and stability or any other reason, there is no better one made in the world. Woody’s cost something under $700, but that was a couple of years ago. Don’t fret over the cost. It will be cheaper than trying everything else under the sun. Click on the link below to visit their website.

Today they published their latest video on YouTube. Check it out:

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